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At Frontier Construction Ltd, we can complete a variety of different construction projects throughout Northolt and the rest of Middlesex. Any construction project should be completed by a professional builder for a range of reasons, but not least because of the inherent dangers that come with undertaking any construction task, and also because of the potential dangers that a poorly built structure presents. 

Groundworks in Northolt, Middlesex

Your groundworks are vital to any building and construction project due to the fact that they bear the weight of the structure built on top of them. No matter whether you are looking to have a house, an office, a shed, or any other structure built, they will need to be constructed upon solid groundworks. If the groundworks are not suitable for the building, then this could lead to damage to your property, including partial sinking. Whether you need trenchfill, raft, strip or piled foundations, Frontier Construction Ltd has you covered.

Furthermore, at Frontier Construction Ltd, we can also complete any groundwork projects on commercial properties. We can make sure that your shop or office building is built upon a sturdy foundation and that the drainage around your property is working properly.

Brickwork in Northolt, Middlesex

Bricklaying is one of the oldest construction techniques around, with evidence of the technique being used as far back as 3000 BC in Ancient Egypt. Therefore, brickwork and having a property built from bricks is a time-tested building method that has been proven to hold up in a variety of weather extremes. 

Furthermore, bricks have several great qualities that make them the perfect material to use in any construction project. They are highly durable which means that they can protect your home from any physical contact damage as well as from the elements! They are also water resistant which reduces the amount of water and damp that can enter your home.

For more information on the construction services that we can offer throughout Northolt and the rest of Middlesex, give us a call today on 07749455305, or send us a message through our contact page.

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